8 reasons you need PsyMed


1. Anxiety & Depression can both contribute to and complicate coronary heart disease (CHD) and cardiac events and interfere with a full recovery.

2. Anxiety & Depression has been greatly undetected and under diagnosed in the cardiac patient.

3. Many compromised recoveries and readmissions are due to high levels of anxiety and depression and the complications that arise from it.

4. Cardiac Anxiety & Cardiac Depression are different from their usual psychological counterparts.

5. PsyMed performs in depth diagnostics be able to pinpoint problems and properly treat them.

6. PsyMed looks at heart disease as a true Mind/Body dilemma and understands how they interact with each other.

7. PsyMed offers the most up to date and modern approaches available for those recovering from a cardiac event or cardiac surgery.

8.PsyMed helps to ensure a complete recovery which will lead to a better outcome and better wellness.

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