PsyMed is leading the way in cardiac illness recovery and prevention with the most modern and advanced techniques and approaches to benefit each client. PsyMed's ability to create and shape a personalized therapeutic approach adds to a wellness and cardiac rehabilitaion experience that far exceeds that of a normal counselor, therapist, or social worker.


PsyMed is designed to help you obtain a healthier life and to assist you with an enhanced recovery when your life has been compromised by cardiac illness and the anxiety or depression that frequently accompanies it. The impact of an illness, and the ability to recover from it, varies from person to person. PsyMed applies in-depth evaluations and techniques that touch on all aspects of your illness and life, and seeks to not just help you get better, but to help you reach your full potential and to live a better life. 

Today's physicians posses the best talents and techniques to ensure that you are getting the finest care possible for your cardiac problems. That excellence of care should be equaled by the newest and most comprehensive techniques and therapies designed and applied for each patient.


Depression, stress, and anxiety are not only contributing causes of cardiac events, but can create frequent complications during recovery. Psymed can help you overcome all the fears and doubts of having gone through a cardiac event, and assist you with a complete recovery.



Heart Disease is a true mind body problem. All to often a person will have a heart attack, stent placement, or other cardiac surgery, be told theyre better and go home. Many will 

ruminate and worry about what they've been through which will have a negative impact on their recovery and will possibly experience complications or a readmission. PsyMed is the first to specialize in the prevention of a compromised recovery and possible readmissions.


Identifying and treating the psychological aspects of heart disease is an important step in its prevention. Studies have shown that patients with increased levels of preoperative anxiety and/or depression during cardiac surgery can experience elevated risks of a compromised recovery. Psymednj is there to help you before, during and after a cardiac event or cardiac surgery.


The psychology surrounding cardiac care is often not properly addressed. Social workers and therapists lack the expertise to properly evaluate and understand the complexities of the problems associated with cardiac recoveries. Psymednj leads the way by offering specific care for a specific problem.


Psymednj uses an evaluation process specifically designed for cardiac patients which ensures each client is receiving specialized care for their individual problem. Through the evaluation process the client becomes engaged, resulting in a better understanding of their problems and the ability to be a part of the resolution.



We can help you uncover aspects of yourself that enable you to heal your mind and body together.

Psymed doesn't follow integrative medicine, it is shaping it and making it better for each patient on an individual basis.


Through positive psychological and motivational techniques the challenge of recovery is accepted, shaped, and performed.

Athletes benefit from sports psychology, corporations benefit from occupational psychology. Now you can benefit from cardiac psychology and the power it will bring to your recovery and beyond.